It's Always Happy Hour Around Here 18x30 Coir Doormat

It's Always Happy Hour Around Here 18x30 Coir Doormat

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Spice up your front porch, send a gift to a friend, change out for the season- whatever the reason I have you covered! These coir (coconut) doormats are a perfect size of 30x18 inches. (standard sized for front doors.) All mats are backed with a slip-resistant PVC rubber backing.

All mats are unique. Some may be darker or lighter than the photo or have variances of color in the mat. Since coir is made from the husks of coconuts, some fibers may be thicker or thinner than others. There may also be small chunks of husks in the fibers.

- Clean by giving the mat a good shake.
- Keep in a dry area to prevent fade & wear.
- Though we use all-weather paints and a UV sealant to ensure that your mat last you a long time. We suggest that you keep your mat as dry as possible to avoid darkening of the fibers.
- Even though we use all weather paints and sealers as well as a UV Sealant to ensure that your mat will last you a long time, it is recommended you keep it as dry as possible. This is because the damper the coir stays consistently- it will darken and discolor.

All doormats are made-to-order and require 3-5 business days to be made before shipping.

Due to the made-to-order and custom nature of our small business, we are unable to accept returns on any purchase at this time. If there is a significant issue with your product please message the seller.

I LOVE customs! Please message me via Etsy or social media @redmooncreativeco to work out your design and proofs. There is an extra charge for custom designs, but I am more than willing to work with any of your ideas.